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Yes, some people are very sensitive to medications. We can discuss options to reduce the possibility of side effects, such as starting at a lower dose or trying different medication than what caused problems in the past. We may also consider lifestyle changes, a medical work-up, or an evaluation of current medications and over-the-counter aids to ensure there is no drug interaction that could contribute to side effects. Additionally, we may discuss ‘natural’ alternatives to medications that are helpful for many, including yoga, meditation, aerobic exercise, reading material, and dietary changes.

Although I have heard a few patients say that they don’t mind taking medication because they feel so much better with the right medication, most people tell me that they prefer not to take medicine long-term. I understand, because there is always a potential negative to taking a medication. Part of my job is assisting you in determining whether it is in your best interest to continue with medication and for what length of time. There is no one simple answer for everyone. We do have research showing that if someone goes off medication too quickly, their symptoms can return and be more difficult to improve. Part of my job is to provide you the information you need to make the changes in your life that will make it less likely you will need medication long-term.

No. I want to know immediately if you’re having unpleasant side effects. Gone are the days when we used to tell patients that they had to wait several weeks “toughing it out” while they waited for medications to take effect and/or for side effects to subside. Now there are enough new medications available that there are always options. If you feel any negative side effects at all I need to be informed and we will move forward from there.

When a good drug goes bad, it’s important to get rid of it…correctly. Over-the-counter and prescription medications that have expired should not be thrown in the trash, where the curious—including children and pets—could be harmed. Medicines that make it to the landfill could leak and contaminate ground water. Nor should these medications be disposed of in the toilet or sink. Please return expired or unwanted medication to the Pharmacy or bring it to Yasin Psychiatric Services and we will arrange to dispose these medication safely.

We meet again within a month after the initial appointment to reevaluate changes and progress. The actual schedule of our meetings, however, remains highly flexible depending on your preferences and needs at any given time. Work and family obligations are taken into account when scheduling follow-up appointments. If you are doing well on medication, we will need to meet at minimum once every three to four months; this is essential for maintaining good contact and oversight of your medication.

Medication refills are provided during your most recent visit. Dr Yasin will give you enough medication refills until you are due for a follow up visit. If you haven’t seen Dr Yasin for over 2 months, he is not comfortable in priscribing medication without assessing you as your mental state and requirement for medication might have changes since your last visit.

Dr Yasin provides refills only if you have a scheduled appointment. Medications are renewed during normal business hours, given there are no circumstances that complicate the process. If you find yourself without medication on a weekend or holiday, either call us to arrange an urgent appointment or see your GP.

If you are running behind, no problem– as long as you don’t mind waiting if someone who is scheduled & arrives on time is seen before you. If you do not show for the appointment, you will be charged 250 rupees for missing it. There is no charge if you are simply late for the appointment and you are worked back into the schedule ASAP.

Dr Yasin can most easily be reached for Emergency situations by email or call 03307997999 and leave a message. You will be called back ASAP. Dr Yasin receives all voice messages by the end of each business day; however, it may take up to 24 hours to return your call, depending on whether he needs to triage his calls.

Video conferencing or calls are encouraged as not only every phone consultation are charged at 50% discounted rates but also it’s a very convenient way to save time, petrol, traffic etc. also your medication can be posted to your home address via TCS, bykea etc which further saves hassle.


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